Safety & Outages

QEC EMERGENCY LINE: 1-867-222-3807

In a unique geographical location such as Nunavut, where 25 isolated communities are spread out across 1,932,255 square kilometres, temperatures fall below -50 degrees Celsius and wind gusts above 150 kilometres per hour, generating and distributing electricity to our customers often poses significant challenges. However, Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) continues to address operational challenges presented by our environment.

Providing safe and reliable energy are top priorities for QEC and we pride ourselves in maintaining that standard for our customers. Sometimes it is necessary to shut down some of our equipment to perform repairs and upgrades to our electrical system in order to ensure the safety of our employees and the public. This results in planned power outages from time to time. By doing so, we can prevent unplanned power outages for our customers in the future.

Other times, power outages are caused by unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • Extreme weather like blizzards, high winds, freezing rain, or ice build-up
  • Motor vehicle collisions with power poles or distribution equipment
  • Wildlife coming in contact with the electrical system (i.e., ravens)
  • Generation issues at the plant or issues on the distribution system

In the event of a power outage, QEC works diligently to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. On average, we maintain a reliability rate above 99.8. Our reliability is calculated by the number of planned and unplanned power outages that occur during the year, and the length of time that customers are without power.

We understand the importance of clear communication when the power goes out. We use our public service announcement distribution list, social media channels, and the radio to reach our customers and inform them of potential power outages. Learn more about current power outage information.

You can lessen the impact of a power outage by taking the time to prepare in advance. Learn more about how to prepare for a power outage.

To report a power related problem, a power outage or an emergency, please phone 1-867-222-3807 or please click here for more information.