Commercial and Institutional Power Producer Program

QEC’s Commercial and Institutional Power Producer (CIPP) program is designed to allow existing commercial and institutional customers (government departments, hamlets, businesses) to generate electricity using renewable energy systems and sell it to QEC. For example, local arenas or Co-op stores could install solar panels and generate clean power for their community.

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By including renewable power in the energy supply mix, QEC will be able to foster the development of clean energy in Nunavut. Integrating renewable energy systems into the territory’s energy grid will help decrease Nunavut’s dependency on diesel fuel, enable QEC to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy self-reliance. The CIPP program also allows participants to earn money while supporting Canada’s greenhouse gas reduction goals and Nunavut’s aspirations of energy independence.

QEC is now accepting applications from potential CIPP program participants. QEC strongly recommends that potential CIPP program participants do not purchase renewable energy generating systems until QEC has reviewed the system.

For more information, please review the program documents below and contact our Customer Care division by phone at 1-866-710-4200 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

To read general information on the CIPP program, please click here.

Application Guideline

For more information on how to apply for the CIPP program, please click here.

Technical Interconnection Requirements

All potential participants must follow the criteria and standards outlined in QEC’s CIPP program Technical Interconnection Requirements. To read the requirements, please click here.

Power Purchase Agreement

All CIPP program participants must review and sign a contract that details commercial terms, legal obligations and sale rights. To review the Power Purchase Agreement, please click here.

Generation and Connection Agreement

An additional contract must be signed once a CIPP program participant has built a QEC-reviewed renewable power generating facility to be connected to the corporation’s distribution system, please click here.


Please email for copies of the CIPP program forms. 

CIPP Program Policy

To download a copy of the CIPP program policy, please click here.

QEC’s Power Generation Data

For Nunavut’s power generation data, please click here.