Commercial and Institutional Power Producer Program

QEC is developing a Commercial and Institutional Power Producers program specifically for existing commercial and institutional customers. This program will allow customers to generate renewable energy on their premises and sell all generated energy to QEC.

The corporation anticipates paying CIPPs up to the avoided cost of diesel – the maximum price that QEC can pay for renewable energy without raising electricity rates.

By including CIPPs in the energy supply mix, QEC will be able to foster the development of clean energy in Nunavut with no increases to customer rates. Integrating renewable energy systems into the territory’s energy grid will help decrease Nunavut’s dependency on diesel fuel, enable QEC to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy self-reliance.

We strongly recommend that potential CIPPs do not purchase renewable energy generating systems until program details and requirements are released.

The program is currently under review by the Utility Rates Review Council. QEC anticipates launching the program upon Cabinet approval.

For more information, please contact our Customer Care division by phone at 1-866-710-4200 or by email at