Mission, Vision & Values


QEC provides safe, reliable and efficient electricity and plans long term affordable energy for Nunavummiut.


Qulliq Energy Corporation’s vision is to provide the communities of Nunavut with safe, reliable, sustainable and economical energy supply and service. Our foundation to achieve our vision is based on an empowered and accountable workforce, representative of Nunavut’s population, and reflective of Inuit Societal Values, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Turaaqtavut, the mandate document of the fifth Legislative Assembly of the Government of Nunavut. We operate as an enterprise with transparency, accountability and integrity.


The Values included within the Mission Statement are:

Safety is and will continue to be the Corporation’s first priority. This fact is communicated to and reflected in policies and procedures for the Corporation’s employees clearly and consistently.

Reliability is second only to safety. The focus of the Corporation’s day-to-day operations is the provision of safe and reliable service to customers.

Efficiency is applicable to all of the Corporation’s operational and administrative activities. Efficiency indicates QEC’s intention to respect the investment in the Corporation made by Nunavummiut, and to use resources with clear attention to reasonableness and value.

At Qulliq Energy Corporation, we are committed to upholding the principle of fair and respectful treatment of our employees and customers. QEC recognizes its responsibility to maintain a diverse, respectful workplace where all employees enjoy an environment in which the dignity and self-respect of every person is valued and which is free of offensive remarks, material or behavior

QEC is also guided in every facet of its operations by Inuit Societal Values and adheres to the Inuit Guiding Principles set out by the Government of Nunavut’s Turaaqtavut. For more information on Inuit Societal Values, please click here.