Billing Delays and Charges Explained

Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) wants to inform Nunavummiut that there have been delays in distributing bills for January and February, and that these bills may have usage amounts and charges that are not typical.

January bills were issued for all communities, and February’s bills will be mailed within the next week.

For customers outside of Iqaluit, the billing will show usage amounts that are overestimated or underestimated for the following reasons:

  • For December, meters were read on approximately December 19, 2022, in advanceof the holiday period. The electricity usage from Dec 20-31 would normally becaptured and part of the January meter reading and billing.
  • QEC’s operations were halted as a result of the cyberattack on January 15, 2023. Asmeters could not be read for January, the billing for January was estimated.
    • Customers who receive a subsidy on rates capped at 1000 kilowatt hours(kWh)/month in winter had their January bills estimated at 900 kWh so thatcustomers would receive the full subsidy on rates that they are eligible for. Thismay be an overestimation for some customers.
    • All other customers received an estimation of their January usage based on theirDecember usage. This will be an underestimation for customers.

In Iqaluit, meter readings for December captured the full month. Due to the cyberattack, January bills were estimated based on an average of the November and December usage.

A true meter reading for all customers has been completed for February and is reflected on the February bills.

Any adjustments that are required on accounts for the partial months of meter readings and estimated usage will be applied on a future billing. QEC is working to obtain this information as quickly as possible and will provide an update and further information on the adjustments as soon as this is available.

Late payment charges on the January and February bills will be waived or credited. Credits will be automatically applied to a future billing.

If any customers are experiencing a hardship in paying their bills, please contact our Customer Care office at 1-866-710-4200, or by email to, to discuss flexible payment plan options.

QEC would also like to inform customers of the Net Metering Program that we will be providing up to date billing and solar credits as soon as possible. As a result of the current billing delay challenges, net metering credits will be carried over to the next fiscal year.

We thank customers for their patience and understanding at this time. We continue to work towards restoring our operations to full capacity and minimizing inconveniences that customers may experience.


Media Contact:
Bibi Bilodeau
Communications Officer,
Corporate Communications
Qulliq Energy Corporation