Geothermal Energy

Nunam Iluani Unaqutikhaq Alruyaqtuqtunik auladjutikhaq atuqtauffaagiaqaqtun halumayurlu alruyaqtuqtunik taima atuqhimaaqtuq unaqutikharnik talvanga Nunaryuam iluaniitunik qanganiivyaktumi. Taima piyagiigumi, una alruyaqtuutikhaq atugiaqaqtuq auladjutikharnik alruyaqtuqtunik.

Inuinnaqtun translation will be posted when available. 

QEC commissioned the “Nunavut Geothermal Feasibility Study” report in 2018 to assess geothermal potential in Nunavut. In the final report, Resolute Bay, Cambridge Bay and Baker Lake were identified as having the best potential for geothermal energy.  

In 2019-2020, QEC received funding from Canadian Northern Economic Development and Polar Knowledge Canada to pursue the second phase of the study. The next step will include comprehensive data collection and analysis for the above communities as well as temperature gradient well drilling in Baker Lake. Based on the outcome of the second phase that is expected to commence in summer 2021, QEC will select one of the three communities for further exploration.

Taigugianganik tapfuminga nunam iluani unaqtukharnik alruyaqtuqtunik akilikhainik ihivriudjutikhaq, naqitlutin hamani.