CUSTOMER CARE LINE: 1-866-710-4200

Work Order Request Form

If you want to be connected to power, set up a connection to power, or moving or cancelling your power connection, you will need to submit a completed work order request form to our Customer Care department.

Electrical Service Application Form

Setting up a new service connection is easy once you submit a completed Electrical Service Application Form. And here’s a quick tip: if you have an electrical contractor, they may be able to help you fill it out.

Subdivision Development Application Form

Are you a developer or a construction company building a subdivision in Nunavut? You will need to submit a Subdivision Development Form to get your power connected.

Lighting Service Application Form

Developers, construction companies or hamlets looking for temporary lighting in a certain location are asked to download the Lighting Service Application form so we can install or repair lighting services.

Still not sure which form you need to fill out? We encourage you to call our Customer Care line at 1-866-710-4200 or email