Minor error on monthly electricity bill for all QEC customers

Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) would like to inform customers that there is a minor error on electricity bills for the billing period of March 1 to 31, 2019.

The commercial or residential rates listed on the bill reflect the upcoming rate changes for April 1, 2019. The actual total energy charge at the bottom of the monthly bill was calculated using the correct rates.

QEC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause at this time. For more information on QEC’s customer rates, please visit www.qec.nu.ca.

Customers are asked to phone QEC’s Customer Care line at 1-866-710-4200 or email customercare@qec.nu.ca with any questions or concerns about their accounts or monthly bills.



Media Contact:

Renee Boucher

Acting Manager, Corporate Communications

Qulliq Energy Corporation

(867) 979-7524