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If you're ready to step into a career within Canada's newest and northernmost territory, Qulliq Energy may be the adventure and mission of a lifetime.

Current Openings

Senior Enterprise Systems Specialist - Baker Lake - English
Senior Enterprise Systems Specialist - Baker Lake - Inuktitut
Senior Enterprise Systems Specialist - Baker Lake - French

IEP Administrator - Baker Lake - English
IEP Administrator - Baker Lake - Inuktitut
IEP Administrator - Baker Lake - French

Plant Superintendent - Resolute Bay- English
Plant Superintendent - Resolute Bay- Inuktitut
Plant Superintendent - Resolute Bay- French

Apprentice Electrician - Iqaluit - English
Apprentice Electrician - Iqaluit - Inuktitut
Apprentice Electrician - Iqaluit - French

Assistant Operator - Pond Inlet - English
Assistant Operator - Pond Inlet - Inuktitut
Assistant Operator - Pond Inlet - French

Journeyman Mechanic - Iqaluit - English
Journeyman Mechanic - Iqaluit - Inuktitut
Journeyman Mechanic - Iqaluit - French

Chief Financial Officer - Baker Lake - English
Chief Financial Officer - Baker Lake - Inuktitut
Chief Financial Officer - Baker Lake - French


IEP (Inuit Employment Program) Opportunities

Inuit Leadership Development Program - English
Inuit Leadership Development Program - Inuktitut
Inuit Leadership Development Program - Inuinnaqtun
Inuit Leadership Development Program - French


Summer Student Opportunities 

There are no new Student Opportunities at this time.


Anticipatory/Future Openings

Journeyman Electrician - English
Journeyman Electrician - Inuktitut
Journeyman Electrician - French 

Journeyman Diesel Mechanic - English
Journeyman Diesel Mechanic - Inuinnaqtun 

Journeyman Lineman - English
Journeyman Lineman - Inuinnaqtun
Journeyman Lineman - Inuktitut


Customer Centre

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