Net Metering Program

What is net metering?

Net metering allows customers to interconnect renewable energy generation systems (i.e., solar, wind, etc.), generate their own electricity supply, and send surplus electricity produced to an electrical grid.

How will net metering work in Nunavut?

Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) will introduce a Net Metering Program across the territory. The Nunavut wide initiative will be available to residential customers and one Municipal Corporation Customer Account per community.

The Net Metering Program will allow eligible customers to receive energy credits for surplus energy sent to QEC’s grid. The maximum capacity of an installed renewable energy generation system under the Net Metering Program is 10 kilowatts.

Energy credits will be applied to the net metering customer’s monthly bill. At the end of the fiscal year (March 31) all outstanding energy credits will be reset to zero.

What are the benefits of net metering?

  • Net metering allows customers to generate their own electricity and reduce the amount of power they need from QEC.
  • Net metering will result in customers seeing energy credits on their monthly utility bill for electricity sent to the grid.
  • Net metering is also expected to help reduce QEC’s reliance on diesel fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

QEC’s Net Metering Program

The corporation has submitted an application to the Minister responsible for QEC to include the Net Metering Program in our Terms and Conditions of Service. Please find the application below.

While we await official approval of the Net Metering Program, we would like to hear interested customers who want to learn more about the program. If you’re considering becoming a net metering customer, please submit a completed contact information form.