Independent Power Producer Program

QEC is requesting input from Nunavut residents on the development of the upcoming Independent Power Producer (IPP) program. This new program will allow hamlets, Inuit organizations, institutional and commercial QEC customers as well as external parties to generate electrical power from renewable energy systems to sell directly to QEC. The corporation will pay IPPs up to the avoided cost of diesel – the maximum price that QEC will pay for renewable energy without raising the electricity rates.

Two tiers to this program include:

  1. Small-scale renewable energy installations for institutional and commercial customers.
  2. Community scale renewable energy installations for hamlets and Designated Inuit Organizations on a sole source basis.

Please note that hamlets and Inuit organizations will be given the first opportunity to own and operate community scale installations in their respective regions.

QEC may procure renewable energy from external parties on a competitive basis using the NNI (Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti) procurement process.

By including IPPs in the energy supply mix, QEC will be able to foster partnerships that develop clean energy with no increases to customer rates. Integrating renewable energy systems in the territory’s energy grid will help decrease Nunavut’s dependency on diesel fuel, enable QEC to reduce carbon emissions and promote energy self-reliance.

We strongly recommend that potential IPPs do not purchase any renewable energy generating systems until program details and requirements are released. QEC anticipates this information will be made available by summer 2019.

The success of developing this program is dependent on the inclusion of our partners and customers across the territory. We invite you to submit your comments and questions on our IPP initiative by March 31, 2019, to:

Telephone: 1-866-710-4200


Letter: Independent Power Producer Program

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